Hoby Darling

Hoby Darling recently took on the role of President and CEO at Skullcandy. Hoby Darling Utah has an extensive background in management. His resume is impressive and includes general management of the athletic-wear mogul, Nike+ Digital Sport. In addition he worked in strategic planning for Nike affiliates – Converse, Cole, Haan, Hurley and Umbro.
Hoby Darling, excited for his new role at Skullcandy, said, “I was attracted to the company because of the significant market opportunity that I believe exists for Skullcandy, both within the headphone category as well as adjacent consumer electronic categories,” he says. “Skullcandy has tremendous brand recognition and a large and loyal consumer base. The pieces are in place to succeed.”
Based in ParkCity, Skullcandy is a market-leading performance audio headphone provider. The company currently shows sales across the country as well as in 70 other countries.
Hoby Darling Utah says taking over a company of this magnitude comes with its own set of challenges. While Hoby Darling sees loads of potential in the company, he also sees room for improvement. From style and sound to innovation and retail partners, it’s ever important to be on top of the market.
“I firmly believe that the headphone and overall audio category is on the verge of a multi-year product innovation cycle,” he says. “This will be fueled by advancements in consumer-relevant audio and communication technology that will change the way everyone listens to music and communicates with fans and family, from the hard-core audiophile to the casual listener. I believe the companies that focus on innovation and deep emotional connections with consumers through clear messaging and brand identity will be best positioned to capitalize on the coming changes.”
Hoby Darling’s overall goal for the company is to be ever-mindful of the end-user.
“Edit and amplify,” he says. “Edit out areas of your business where you aren’t strongest and amplify what you do best.”
Creating a stronger company with an even stronger product is his aim.
While he is driven by success and passion for his work, “Work smarter, not harder,” is his motto.
“Build a great team and empower them to change the world,” he says. “Be bigger than yourself. Have goals that are bigger than just creating a product. Have fun.”

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